PEERE Conference on peer review, Rome 2018

Vilnius 2017

Växjö 2016

Valencia 2016

Mainz 2016

Athens 2015

Brescia 2015

Split 2015

Zurich 2015

Lisbon 2015

  • Bias in peer review (Carole J. Lee)
  • Bringing transparency to peer review (Rebecca Lawrence)
  • How duplicate publications are corrected and indexed: qualitative and quantitative study in biomedicine (Mario Malicki and Ana Marušic)
  • An explorative study of retracted articles (Judit Bar-Ilan)
  • Styles of reviewing in JASSS (Flaminio Squazzoni and Francisco Grimaldo)
  • Quantifying peer reviewers through Zipf’s law (Marcel Ausloos, Olgica Nedic, Agatka Fronczak)
  • On importance of the size of group of reviewers that have to solve large and complex peer-review problems (Nikolay K. Vitanov, Zlatinka I. Dimitrova, Marcel Ausloos)
  • Recognizing and rewarding data sharing through KnowldegeCoinsb (Francisco Couto)
  • A dataset structure for data sharing on peer review (Kalpana Shankar)
  • Frame Search and Re-search: How Quantitative Sociological Articles Change During Peer Review (Misha Teplitskiy)
  • Peer review at PLoS ONE (Matt Hodgkinson)
  • Workshop on qualitative studies on peer review

Budapest 2014