With the support of EASE (European Association of Scientific Editors), the TD1306 PEERE (New Frontiers of Peer Review) organises the PEERE Training School on Peer Review, which will take place in Split, Croatia, on 15-17 May 2018.

The school is open to doctoral and postdoctoral students, researchers, journal editors and other professionals who want to familiarise themselves with peer review and learn the best practices in the management of the process.

The school will alternate lectures and work sessions. Workshop participants will participate in peer review tutorials by journal editors, publishers and leading scholars; learn innovative models of peer review; and understand managerial implications and new technology frontiers. Different stakeholders in peer review will have a unique opportunity to discuss the current challenges in peer review and look into its future.

The School Co-Directors are Ana Marusic (University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia), Virginia Dignum (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) and Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Brescia, Italy)

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