PEERE session at the 14th EASE conference, Bucharest 2018

PEERE Training school on peer review, Split 2018

PEERE Conference on peer review, Rome 2018

Vilnius 2017

Växjö 2016

Valencia 2016

Mainz 2016

Athens 2015

Brescia 2015

Split 2015

Zurich 2015

Lisbon 2015

  • Bias in peer review (Carole J. Lee)
  • Bringing transparency to peer review (Rebecca Lawrence)
  • How duplicate publications are corrected and indexed: qualitative and quantitative study in biomedicine (Mario Malicki and Ana Marušic)
  • An explorative study of retracted articles (Judit Bar-Ilan)
  • Styles of reviewing in JASSS (Flaminio Squazzoni and Francisco Grimaldo)
  • Quantifying peer reviewers through Zipf’s law (Marcel Ausloos, Olgica Nedic, Agatka Fronczak)
  • On importance of the size of group of reviewers that have to solve large and complex peer-review problems (Nikolay K. Vitanov, Zlatinka I. Dimitrova, Marcel Ausloos)
  • Recognizing and rewarding data sharing through KnowldegeCoinsb (Francisco Couto)
  • A dataset structure for data sharing on peer review (Kalpana Shankar)
  • Frame Search and Re-search: How Quantitative Sociological Articles Change During Peer Review (Misha Teplitskiy)
  • Peer review at PLoS ONE (Matt Hodgkinson)
  • Workshop on qualitative studies on peer review

Budapest 2014