PEERE Workshop on “Guidelines and protocols for data sharing on peer review”, University of Brescia, Italy, 22-23 July 2015

The workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral forum to discuss problems of data sharing on peer review. It will include experts on ethics, privacy, confidentiality, and legal aspects who will collaborate to establish guidelines and protocols that will help to manage data sharing on peer review at journals. It will include talks and working group activities. Among the participants: Christian Caron (Springer), Virginia Dignum (Deft University of Technology), Francisco Grimaldo (University of Valencia), Ana Marusic (Split School of Medicine), Bahar Mehmani (Elsevier), Giorgio Pedrazzi (University of Brescia), Pierluigi Perri (University of Milan), Kalpana Shankar (University College of Dublin), Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Brescia), Tamara Welschot (Springer), Michael Willis (Wiley). For more info, please contact

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