Call for an STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission) “Creating a dataset on peer review in computer science conferences”

COST Action TD1306 “New Frontiers of Peer Review”

Call for an STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission)

“Creating a dataset on peer review in computer science conferences”

Period: Up to three months, ideally from 1st March to 31 May 2015

Hosting institution: Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany

Host: Ph. Dr. Aliaksandr Birukou (MC member, Germany)

Financial support: Up to 2500 Euros (depending on the length of the visit)

An Early Stage Researcher (a researcher with PhDs + up to 8 years of research experience working in one of the COST countries involved in the Action, excluding Germany; for info on COST Countries involved, see: will be financially supported by the COST Action TD1306 “New Frontiers of Peer Review” to spend a collaboration period of up to three months at Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany under the guidance of Ph. Dr. Aliaksandr Birukou.

The aim of the collaboration is to develop a dataset on the peer review process in computer science conferences using available data at Springer. The expected  result of the collaboration is the creation of a dataset and a joint publication on correlation between the quality and features of the peer review process and the success of the papers published. Further funds are available to cover the publication cost (e.g., open access article).

The ESR should ideally have the following required skills:

  • Experience in text mining, computational linguistics or natural language processing
  • Familiarity with text mining/parsing/NLP tools
  • Basic knowledge of how scientific conferences are conducted is appreciated

The host will provide technical assistance and share his research skills and experience with the ESR, who is expected to improve his/her expertise on how to conduct empirical research on peer review and publication processes.

The deadline for the application is on 31st January 2015. All the interested applicants are requested to contact the Chair of the Action (Prof. Flaminio Squazzoni) and the STSM coordinator (Phd. Dr. Virginia Dignum) prior the deadline by writing an email to with the subject “PEERE– STSM SPRINGER Application – <applicant’s name>”. The applicants are requested to include a CV.

For eligibility criteria, please visit:

For any information, please contact:

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